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Psalm 22: Purim Esther and Hashem: Part 2 – Tehillim Themes

Posted by Rabbi Yosef Tropper
August 19th, 2012
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This entry is part 28 of 69 in the series Tehillim Themes

This psalm refers to the story of Purim which we have previously explained is relevant on a daily basis. The opening verse refers to Queen Esther as ayeles hashachar, the morning star. Rashi, Radak and others translate the words ayeles hashachar as referring to a musical instrument. Meiri explains that both translations go together. The morning star rises slowly and melodiously just as a slow and sweet instrument builds up musical notes from a pleasant start to louder and more detailed sound. Rashi also states that the word ayeles refers to strength. What does this have to do with Esther?

Her Greatness

The Midrash Socher Tov explains that immediately before the rise of the morning star the night is at its darkest point because the moon and bright stars have begun to fade. Similarly, Esther arrived to help the Jews at their darkest hour. Through her dedication to Hashem she displayed great strength by following Daas Torah as told to her thru Mordechai and in remaining true to her Jewish convictions. She also demonstrated strength by instituting the original Taanis Esther fast day which last for three days. It was in her great merit that the Jews received the last salvation recorded in scripture just like the morning star shows the end of night.

Total Devotion

Verse 6 states, “In You (Hashem) they trusted and were not shamed.” Those that rely on Hashem are delivered and taken care of. The message of Purim is, “sekol kovecha, those that hope to Hashem are never disappointed.” It is for this reason that the Jews reaccepted the Torah in the time of Mordechai and Esther. Verse 26 expresses David’s commitment to thank Hashem for all of the kindness that he experienced. Purim is a day of celebrating the Guidance and Greatness of Hashem. The lesson and recognition applies every day of our lives!


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