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Your Best – Parshas Pinchas 5769

Posted by Yosef Tropper
July 9, 2009 - י"ח תמוז ה' תשס"ט
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צו את בני ישראל ואמרת אליהם את קרבני לחמי לאשי ריח ניחוחי… (כח:ב).

“Command the Jews to bring an offering for me…” (28:2).

Chazal (Tanchuma, Naso 11) say there were three times that Moshe was startled by commands Hashem gave him. These Mitzvos which he was being taught, were very perplexing to him:

-Hashem commanded each Jew to give one half Shekel calling it, “a redemption for their soul”. Moshe wondered, considering how precious and valuable life is, how could one simply redeem himself with a small coin?

-Hashem commanded that the Mishkan, Tabernacle, be built in a place where He could dwell. Moshe wondered how mere humans could possibly produce a resting place for the Infinitely Great God?

-In our Parsha, Hashem commanded that Klal Yisrael bring the Karban Tamid, Daily Offering, calling it “an offering for Me”. Moshe wondered how Klal Yisrael could offer anything sufficient enough for Hashem?!

Hashem gave one answer to all three quandaries. It is fundamental to our daily service. “Moshe, I’m not asking you to give according to My standards, I am asking you to give according to the best of your abilities!” Hashem wants our effort and sincerity!

Every person is born with their own potential and abilities. Our job in life is to give it our all. Nothing more is expected, only our best! Chazal say in Berachos (5b), “whether you produce a lot or a little is not important, Heaven only looks at your intentions and efforts!

Reb Naftoli Amsterdam once bemoaned his deficiencies to his Rebbe, Reb Yisrael Salanter. “If only I had the brain of the Shages Aryeh, the enthusiasm of the Yisod V’Shoresh HaAvodah, and Midos like you, Rebbe, then I could be a true servant of Hashem! Reb Yisrael set him straight on the proper perspective. “You strive to serve Hashem to the best of your abilities, with your brain, your heart and your Middos! That is what Hashem desires from you!”

This idea is found once again in the Parsha when Yehoshua is appointed as the successor of Moshe. Moshe requested from Hashem that the incoming leader possess one fundamental trait and Hashem agreed with him regarding the importance of that trait. The leader must understand each Jew individually, according to his own capabilities!

Every morning we pronounce a blessing expressing our appreciation to Hashem for who we are. “She’asah li kol tzorki, Thank You Hashem for giving me everything that I need!” You provided me with all of my physical needs as well as my spiritual needs. We surely beg Hashem for more earthly care and more divine inspiration, but the perspective is still kept straight. We recognize that Hashem has provided us with all of our needs to serve Him the best that we can!

There is no competition to outdo anyone else! We are all here for the unified purpose of serving Hashem, and each of us possess different talents and capabilities which Hashem has endowed us with. Our job is to bring out our unique potentials and to serve Hashem to the best of our ability!

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